Hi, my name is David Bowring, I live in Milton Keynes, UK.  Welcome to my site.

There isn’t really a theme to my site, but there are a few sections of random things, and my blog that I sporadically update.  I enjoy gaming, drone racing and photography (although I’ve neglected my SLR for a while now).  I intend to keep adding to my site so I hope there’s something of interest to read (if not now, then later).

You can use the social links below to follow me.  If you want to get in touch, use the contact page.


Chilli growing contest at work

Several months ago we decided to have a departmental chilli growing contest.  One department suddenly got an aphid infestation no amount of spray could sort out.  Today, by post, a package arrived with 25 live ladybirds that have now been deployed!  Just another day in the office…

No Man’s Sky crafting

This is not my work, but it’s very much appreciated.  I’m just storing it on my site as I was sent it, but not idea where it came from originally.

Quadcopter / Racing Drones

My biggest hobby is flying quadcopters (or as some call them; drones).  I’m not really interested in flying around with a huge camera underneath, taking nice photos..  What I do is shove some goggles on my face and fly my quad at 70 mph as if I’m sitting in the pilots seat!

Currently I’m flying a QAV-R for racing, and a Chameleon for having a blast.


I’ve been into gaming since I was very young.  I used to play games on my grandparent’s Spectrum 48K at the age of about 5.

I’m mainly playing games on the PC or PlayStation if I’m looking to relax.  I’m always up for a FPS, but I also like RPG and turn based games.  One of my all time favourite games is XCOM, I’ve played the various releases of that since I was around 16.

Currently I’d say I’m torn between XCOM 2 – War of the Chosen and Elite Dangerous.  I’ve got a pretty reasonable PC, the CPU is getting on a bit now (Intel I7 3770K) but I have an ASUS GeForce 1080 in there and a Dell 27 G-SYNC 1440p 144Hz 3D monitor.

Console wise, it’s always been PlayStation (well OK, Sega Mega Drive originally).