Frank Fox

My Grandad was an inventor, and one of his best inventions (if he’d marketed it) was a spherical version of the Rubik’s cube.  He invented it and applied for his patent two years before Rubik!  The game itself was not the same, but principle behind the moving parts was essentially the same thing.

I don’t go running around telling everyone I meet about this, but when I do mention it, nobody tends to believe me until I tell them to go look it up..  Here’s a copy of his patent: GB13344259 – Amusement device – “Spherical 3x3x3”

The other invention that I remember the most as a kid was GB2134687A – Display Apparatus – “The Box”.  This was a small wooden box that would plug into audio equipment.  It had a diamond shape set of LEDs that would show the phase of stereo sound.  Mono would just show up as line right through the middle.   One of the benefits was that there were no moving parts so it was quicker to respond.  Back then you’d be using a volume unit meter which had a needle.

Granada Studios bought some from him for studio use on Coronation Street back in the 80’s.  The Point in Milton Keynes wanted a huge one that would fill a wall (because to the untrained eye, it’s a pretty light show), but backed out when they realised how expensive it would be!

I’m really pleased to see that someone has developed a software version of this, and not only that, taken the time to research a little about my Grandfather.  You can see Chris Allinson’s work here.  Chris, if you see this, I’d love for you to get in touch with me!

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