Ruby, our new kitten

We picked up a new kitten on Tuesday. Anyone who knows me knows I’m more of a ‘dog person’, but my last cat (Mog) that I adopted was the best cat ever. Unfortunately he died and I miss my friend, so I wasn’t in a rush to get another pet.

Anyway we spotted this little shit bag for sale in the same town, went to see her and she was lovely.  She’s really friendly, doesn’t mind being held, loves her belly being rubbed and has cheered my girlfriend up no end!

I’ve never had a kitten before, but she’s not really any trouble.  She attacks my feet but she’s very gentle, and if she wants to know where you are she’ll let out a high pitch meow until you call her.

We’re not too sure of a name yet, Yvonne likes Luna, it’s not my choice of name, but I’ll just call her Loony instead.  We’ve settled for Ruby.

The picture below was taken once I got home from work, so this was her asking for attention 🙂

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