Quadcopter / Racing Drones!

My biggest hobby is flying quadcopters (or as some call them drones).  I’m not really interested in flying around with a huge camera underneath it taking nice photos.  What I do is shove some goggles on my face and fly my quad at 80 MPH as if I’m sitting in the cockpit of it!

This all started back in early 2015 after I bought a little £40 quadcopter, and after waiting 3 weeks for it to arrive from China, I promptly lost it after being dared to take it as high as it would go (didn’t know about any rules back then).

I then immediately replaced it with something 10x more expensive (a DJI Phantom FC40) which had GPS and would land where it took off from, at the flick of a switch.  This was great fun for a while, but I started seeing people flying around woods and racing each other on YouTube.  There was a pilot called Charpu who made me realise I needed something else…

So I ditched that, and bought all the parts to make a Lumenier QAV-250.  I learned to solder, I learned how not to wire things up (if you didn’t want them to explode with magic smoke), and I learned a lot about how to configure the software (not to mention the controller/transmitter).

I flew that for a year before I invested in FPV goggles.  A mate decided he was going to get a racing quad after I’d been banging on about them for ages, and it was time to step it up a gear.

I ended up breaking that quad in half, but I salvaged the motors and built a Lumenier QAV-R.  I upgraded it into a monster (and still do) as it’s one of two I use today – that and my Armattan Chameleon.

You can see some of my videos on my Youtube channel or my Facebook page.

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